Mathematics Requirements
The requirements for the Mathematics major, which results in a B.A. degree or a B.S. degree depending on the credits completed. The B.A. degree is awarded with 39 credits, and the B.S. degree is awarded with an additional 16 credits in Chemistry, Biology, and/or Mathematics at the level of majors in that discipline. Along with three MTH electives, the required CNR mathematics courses include the following:
MTH 113 Computer Science
MTH 121 Calculus I
MTH 122 Calculus II
MTH 213 Calculus III
MTH 214 Differential Equations
MTH 223 Linear Algebra
MTH 256 Discrete Mathematics
MTH 317 Analysis
MTH 325 Abstract Algebra
Elective courses at CNR include MTH 303, 330, 341 and 390.
The required Physics courses for the Mathematics major are PHY 111 and 112.

A student may minor in Mathematics by completing six courses in mathematics. MTH 113, 121, and 122 are required along with three approved electives in MTH 213- 390.

Professional Studies in Education: Mathematics
Mathematics students who complete the requirements for the B.S. or the B.A. degree in Mathematics may wish to pursue New York State teacher certification to teach on the high school or middle school levels. Specific course work is outlined in the Education section of this website. Additional programs available to students in this department include childhood education (Grades 1-6), early childhood education, and education of students with disabilities.