Presenting a multi-faceted approach to the study of human behavior is the goal of our Psychology Department. Four full-time faculty and several adjuncts stimulate learning through a series of required courses and electives, which provide students majoring in Psychology with the knowledge of theory and content of psychology and its various subfields, an understanding of the methodological approaches and ethical issues encountered in psychological research and how to apply psychological principles to personal, social, and organizational issues, and the preparation to live and work in a multicultural and global society.

To maximize accomplishment of learning goals, students may work alone, with a partner or in small groups, both inside and outside the classroom. Computer facilities are available for course-related simulations, data analysis, and the preparation of student papers. Honors students conduct original psychological research studies which are presented at the annual Psychology Department Convention. Students who qualify may be invited to join Psi Chi, the National Honor Society in Psychology. These experiences and more are available to those who choose to major, minor, or take electives in our Psychology Program.