Spanish Requirements
The major in Spanish, which results in a B.A. degree, consists of 36 credits earned in courses taken beyond the elementary level. SPA 101-102 do not count toward the major. Students who elect Spanish as part of a double major may work out a special program in consultation with the department concerned.

Required Courses

SPA 301 Contemporary Hispanic Readings
SPA 304 Advanced Composition & Style
SPA 312 or 315 Conversation (Advanced or for the Professions)
SPA 320 or 322 Culture & Civilization (Spanish or Spanish-American)
SPA 401 - 425 Upper-level literature (two required)
SPA 427 - 489 Upper-level seminars (two required)
Senior Thesis written in Spanish for students wishing to graduate with departmental honors.
Remaining 12 credits (4 classes) are electives

A minor consists of 18 credits in Spanish.

Required Courses
SPA 203 Intermediate Conversation or equivalent
SPA 205 Intermediate Spanish Writing or equivalent
SPA 301 Contemporary Hispanic Readings
Remaining 9 credits (3 classes) are electives