Clubs and Organizations
Participating in student clubs and organizations provides a great opportunity to discover new talents, make new friends and gain exposure to various professions. Listed below are some of our currently active clubs and organizations at our New Rochelle campus.

Class Boards
Class Boards can be contacted at,,, or

CNR Model United Nations (CNRMUN): I'm Interested!

The College of New Rochelle Student Nurses' Association (CNR S.N.A.): I'm Interested!

Science and Math Society (SAMS): I'm Interested

Women In Lasting Defense of the Environment (W.I.L.D.E.): I'm Interested!

Black Student Union (BSU): I'm Interested!

Latin American Women’s Society (L.A.W.S.):  I’m Interested!

Black Ice (Step Team): I'm Interested!

Blue Angel Cheerleaders: I'm Interested!

CNR Drama: I'm Interested!

Gospel Choir: I'm Interested!

Fly Angels (Dance Team):  I'm Interested!

Blue Angel Productions (TV/media club)

SPECTRUM (Diversity awareness club)

Active Minds (Mental health awareness and education club)

Student Publications
Annales: I'm Interested!

Phoenix: I'm Interested!

Tatler: I'm Interested!

Don’t see something you are interested in? Students can start their own club! Stop by the Student Development office, or contact Melissa Espinoza at for more information.