Credential File Service
Career Development provides a Credential File Service whereby students and alumnae/i of the School of Arts & Sciences, School of Nursing, and Graduate School can maintain and forward official letters of reference to prospective employers or graduate schools.

There is a $5.00 setup fee for all students. A set-up packet is provided upon payment. This contains authorization sheets and blank reference forms to be given to reference writers. School of Nursing students receive a checklist of nursing skills to be completed by clinical supervisors or faculty.

Once authorization forms are complete, a credential file is established. Reference writers are directed to return recommendations directly to Career Development for inclusion in the credential file. It is customary to have at least three references on file. References are accepted  on Career Development forms or on the writer’s professional letterhead. All documents must be originals with original signatures.

Per the instructions of the student or alumna, Career Development will forward copies of references to prospective employers or graduate schools. References are sent out in an official CNR folder with a cover letter from Career Development verifying the authenticity of the documents. For this reason, we are required by law to keep the original letters or forms in the credential file.

College policy requires that separate arrangements for the forwarding of official transcripts be made by the student or alumna. Please contact the Registrar at (914) 654-5210 for further information.

For further information about the Credential File Service, please contact the Office of Career Development at (914) 654-5562 or at