Decorating 101
Resident Student Checklist
The Office of Student Development has compiled a list of items to help you decide what to bring when you move into your residence hall. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at (914) 654-5862 or It may also be a good idea, when deciding on large items, to check with your roommate and decide together "who brings what" to save space!

Items you should consider bringing to campus:
Address Book & Stationery/Stamps
Alarm Clock/Radio
Bed Spread/Comforter, Mattress Padding
Broom, Dust Pan, a few Cleaning Products
CNR Laptop/your printer/computer paper
Curtains & Rod (window sizes vary)
Decorations (posters, pictures)
Dictionary & Thesaurus
First Aid Kit (small or travel size)
Garbage Can (desk/bathroom size)
Lamps (desk & floor, no halogen bulbs)
Laundry Basket/Bag & Detergent, Dryer Sheets
Linens (normal twin size sheets)
Memo Board
Pens, Pencils, and Notebooks
Photo Albums, High School Yearbook
Power Strip (extension cords are not permitted)
Refrigerator (2.5-4.0 cu.ft.))
Safe or Lock Box
Sewing Kit
Shower Bucket & Shoes (flip-flops)
Stereo/MP3 player/CD player/Headphones
Storage/Stackable Crates/Trunk
Swim Suit, Workout/Fitness Clothing
Umbrella/Rain Coat

Items not permitted in the residence halls for health and safety reasons:
Air Conditioners
Candles (even for decorative purposes)
Coffee Makers
Electric Blankets
Electric Burners
Extension Cords
George Foreman Grills
Halogen Lamps
Hot Coils or Hot Pots
Large Refrigerators
Microwave Ovens
Pets of any kind
Portable Heaters