New Students

Living in a residential community is exciting! Living on campus allows you to learn and manage adult responsibilities in a friendly, supportive environment.

Other benefits of living on campus include:

  • Students who live on campus are often better informed, become more involved in campus activities, and have easier access to campus resources.
  • Resident students also develop positive interpersonal relationships and increased self-esteem, forming lasting bonds of friendship that carry on long after graduation.
  • The convenience of being able to walk to classes. You don't lose study time driving, parking, and preparing meals.
  • You are surrounded by others with high academic and career aspirations. Because you live in a community of your peers, connecting with others who have similar study needs becomes easy.
  • Living on campus exposes you to a host of resources including our friendly and well-trained staff, and the basic comforts of home such as cable, internet and phone connections.

 Once you have completed your enrollment with the Admissions office, you should begin considering where you would like to live. If you are an incoming freshman student, you will be residing in our Freshman Year Experience Living-Learning community located in Ursula Hall or Brescia Hall. Transfer students may live in the general housing community, or opt to reside in one of our & Living-Learning/Special Interest Housing communities. Has it been a while since you were on campus and saw the residence halls? Check out our Residence Hall pages to review your living options.

To apply for housing on campus, new students should complete the online Housing Application and License Agreement. Please read the license agreement carefully as it is a legally binding document between resident students and the College. After the application and license agreement are submitted and processed, students will be notified of their housing assignments as well as their roommates’ contact information. Once you have received this information, we encourage you to reach out to your future roommate prior to arriving on campus.