2014 Plunge Service Trip: Haiti
Students, staff, and faculty will “plunge” into the 2014 Plunge Service Trip opportunity during March 2014 Spring Break (March 15-21) to HAITI.

CNR volunteers will collaborate with the Office of Black Ministry of the Archdiocese of New York in our work with the parish of St. Jean Baptiste in rural southwestern Haiti. 

Primarily, CNR Plungers will volunteer with College Pierre Toussaint, the first complete secondary school in the Grand Anse province of Haiti. College Pierre Toussaint was founded in 2006 with a seventh-grade class. The Haitian educational system uses the terms primary school for grades one through six, college for grades seven through 13, and university for higher education. This first class graduated in June 2013.

Activities can include:
  • Healthcare workshops re: issues like basic sanitation and STDs
  • Assisting in the parish clinic
  • Education enrichment classes; tutoring in English as a Second Language; early childhood teacher/assistant training.
  • Working with the younger children on creative or arts projects
  • Organizing some sports or artistic activities, i.e. soccer or modern dance


The 2013 Plunge Service Trip took volunteers to New York City areas hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.