Plunge to Ecuador

CNR students and staff members traveled to Ecuador during March Spring break for one of the 2011 Plunge Service Trips to work with communities in and around Guayaquil with the organization, Rostro de Cristo (RDC). RDC is a volunteer and retreat program of the Catholic Church based in Duran, near Guayaquil.  

As volunteers with RDC, CNR Plungers worked in various capacities, including:

  • child daycare
  • elementary education
  • medical dispensary and medical visits
  • shelters for homeless youth
  • educational awareness programs about relevant health concerns, especially Hansen's disease and HIV prevention

Rostro de Cristo (Face of Christ) is a program whose mission is to provide spiritual and educational opportunities for young people from the United States with the people of Ecuador. Through simplicity, intentional community, and relationships rooted in solidarity, young people explore what it means to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ. RDC is an official partner of Catholic Relief Services.

As always, CNR students "plunged" into the week - into the culture, into acts of service, into relationships with the people of Ecuador.