Residence Life Staff
The Office of Student Development is comprised of highly trained, in-residence, professional staff members who are ready to meet the needs and demands of today’s college students. All of the professional staff members have Masters Degrees or are in the process of obtaining them. Their primary responsibilities include creating community in the residence halls, inspiring and teaching our student body about their leadership potential and their responsibilities as leaders, and being role models. They are trained in crisis intervention approaches and provide students with open-minded, non-judgmental spaces to discuss issues.

Residence Directors (RDs) are professional staff members who are responsible for the administration of the residence halls. The Residence Directors strive to establish an environment that fosters academic achievement, personal development, and the physical comfort and safety of residents.  Their responsibilities include:
  • community building and program development
  • conflict management and mediation
  • training, supervision and evaluation of student staff
  • reporting of building maintenance, custodial, safety, and security issues
  • crisis intervention
  • enforcing College and residence hall policies

The residence life staff at CNR is responsible for campus coverage during evenings and weekends to help ensure your safety and security all year round.  One professional staff member is on duty for all residence halls and is available for emergencies at all times.

Tiffani Blake
Director of Student Development

Tiffani Blake, SAS ’03, holds a master of science in industrial/organizational psychology from CUNY Baruch College and an undergraduate degree from CNR in psychology. In her current role, Tiffani serves the CNR community by advising student organizations and their advisors, implementing commuter student events, and coordinating and participating in campus-wide activities such as the Strawberry Festival. Tiffani is pursuing a second master’s degree in higher and postsecondary education at Columbia University’s Teachers College. You may contact Ms. Tiffani Blake at

Melissa Becker
Assistant Director of Student Development

Melissa Becker, SAS ’07, in her current role assists in the development of the students at CNR by planning and implementing undergraduate resident and commuter programming, advising student organizations and their advisors, and coordinating campus-wide activities such as Orientation, Family Weekend and Strawberry Festival. Melissa is currently pursuing a master’s degree in higher and postsecondary education at New York University. You may contact Ms. Melissa Becker at

Lisa Tufariello
Residence Life Coordinator
Lisa Tufariello holds a master of science degree in student personnel administration from SUNY Buffalo, a bachelors of arts degree in public communication and an associate’s degree from Morrisville State College in journalism.  In her current role, Lisa serves the CNR community by overseeing residence life and is the Residence Director for Brescia Hall.  You may contact Ms. Lisa Tufariello at

Linda Evangelou
Residence Director 

Linda Evangelou holds a bachelors of arts degree in psychology from Manhattan College. In her current role, Linda serves as a support to resident students and creates community by implementing a variety of educational and social programs. You may contact Ms. Linda Evangelou at