Resume Dos and Don'ts
Do ...

  • Keep resume paragraph and sentences short, concise, to the point
  • Eliminate repetitions of employers' name, your job duties, etc.
  • Use "bullets", but do not bullet everything.  Let bullets highlight achievements.
  • Use quantities, amounts, numbers, dollars to quantify achievements
  • Place most impressive, significant experience on the resume eliminate routine tasks
  • Condense your experience, especially less recent/ relevant information
  • Make your experience understandable to anyone who reads it. In other words, Do Not Use Jargon
  • Keep your resume accomplishment- and achievement-oriented
  • Keep your resume focused on you and your abilities

Don't ...

  • Use "I" in your descriptions
  • Include pictures, salary history or requirements
  • Attach transcript, references, certifications, writing samples, etc., unless specifically asked by the employer
  • Include personal information such as height, weight, health, marital status, religion, hospitalizations, race, or number of children
  • Have a cute email address
  • Put down several phone numbers
  • Include hobbies or other interests unless specifically relevant
  • Put your resume in a binder or folder
  • Evaluate your abilities ("I am a wonderful reading tutor ...") instead, give examples to document your abilities ("Improved student's grade from a C to an A in one semester").
  • Hesitate to emphasize your achievements, accomplishments, and abilities -- this is not bragging