Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interview Skills
You only have up to 15 seconds to make a first impression! This is true for:


Employers receive dozens, sometimes hundreds of resumes. What will distinguish your resume from the rest? What will give you that competitive advantage? Writing a winning resume, of course!

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Cover Letter

Employers want to see you have done your homework and you can connect the dots between your skills and their needs.  Use the job description to help you speak their language! Do the research on the organization and know how you would fit in. Then, keep it brief!

See some suggestions on writing a great cover letter

Interview Skills

We all have many skills, but it is vital that we talk in terms of the highest and best use of our skills on the interview.  It is vital that you are well prepared for the interview and can effectively articulate your skills.

See what you need to prepare before going on the interview

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