Self Exploration

In this highly competitive global environment it is essential to have a well-developed career plan. Knowing your skills will help you in this pursuit. It is important to undergo some self exploration to and uncover you interest and talents.  This can help you:

  • Identify interest, skills and abilities
  • Explore careers which relate to these interest, skills and abilities
Always keep in mind that doing this early allows you the opportunity to compare careers without the pressure. The process of exploring career options and choosing a major can take as little or as much time as you would like. It is helpful to research career fields in conjunction with choosing a major.   If you are immobilized in the decision making process or do not know where to start, The Office of Career Development is available to guide you through the process.


The more you understand yourself, the easier the decision making process will become.  The Office of Career Development has many assessments available to help you explore you interest, skills and values. Taking time to consider the following questions will be beneficial when you begin to analyze your options and make final decisions.

  • What are your interests, skills, and values?
  • Consider your likes and dislikes (knowing what you don’t like can help eliminate options).  
  • What classes do you enjoy the most and why?
  • What do you enjoy doing outside of class?
  • What type of activities, volunteer work, etc. do you enjoy?
  • What is your dream job and why?
Below are some worksheets which can help you give more thought to these kinds of questions.  Remember also, the Office of Career Development provides individual counseling to help you through this process. So, if you are stuck or have any questions feel free to Ask the Counselor or contact The Office of Career Development at (914) 654-5562.

You can also use online tools to explore career options through self-assessment and up-to-date career information.  The websites below provide different assessments for you to take.  It is highly recommended that you meet individually with a career counselor to discuss the results and help in interpreting these results of these assessments and in choosing career path to explore.

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