Throughout the following pages you will be introduced to many of the members of the division of Student Services — the division responsible for providing a quality of student life and campus environment that is an essential part of the educational experience of all our students. The staff is committed to creating learning environments that foster respect for oneself and others and to encouraging holistic growth within the context of community.

The division of Student Services is comprised of the office of the Vice President for Student Services and five units: Athletics, Campus MinistryCareer DevelopmentCounseling and Health Services, and Student Development (which oversees residence life, commuter lifestudent activities and leadership, and orientation). The Wellness Center is also an integral part of Student Life at The College of New Rochelle. We invite you to click through, meet our staff and learn more about our programs!

The College of New Rochelle has four schools — School of Arts and Sciences, Graduate School, School of Nursing, and School of New Resources — and each Student Services unit serves the four schools in ways supportive of their goals and mission. Since each school has its own educational model that bests serve its student population, the division of Student Services uses the educational model of the particular school as the structure for providing services and programs for students.

A full, traditional-service delivery model is provided to undergraduate students in the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Nursing. A decentralized model is utilized to serve the adult population in the Graduate School, School of New Resources, and the graduate and special programs in the School of Nursing.
The area has developed a wide range of programs and services that provide students, faculty, and staff opportunities to participate in the larger College Community and to develop leadership, communication, and organizational skills.