The Importance of Words
Choosing and using the right words is a key factor in developing a strong, dynamic and effective resume. Utilize words with the strongest and liveliest impact; use the most action-oriented verbs you can.  Start with your own words and put into high-impact resume words. Do not provide just job description, highlight your successes.


"I was responsible for assisting the Museum Curator. My duties involved working on membership drives; meeting people, helping with events, doing paperwork, scheduling, typing, etc."

"Assistant Curator: Coordinated four annual membership drives, which brought in over 500 new members. Greeted visiting dignitaries, made arrangements for special events."

Notice pronouns ('I', 'you', 'we'…) are not used on a resume. Qualifying (using numbers, percentages, volume, etc.) helps to convey your achievements. Focus on the important or impressive things you did and eliminate the routine ones.

Do not use words such as responsible for completing. This only tells the reader it was a required duty and does not tell them you actually did it! Do not be passive!