Traditional Housing Program
The Traditional Housing Program provides community style living for students in Brescia Hall. Brescia Hall has a selection of doubles and singles.  Our residence halls in general, have community kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms. If you are interested in living in traditional housing, you should attend the General Housing Selection Day and choose a double room with your roommate. You may also choose a single in Brescia at this time that is not located in a living and learning community. 

If you do not have a roommate, you may want to attend the Housing Selection Social program, held in the weeks before Room Selection. If you do not have a roommate when selecting your double room you will need to wait for the last sign-up session of the day or speak to financial aid about the possibility of choosing a single room.

Additional Housing Options

Single Rooms:
Singles rooms are designed for one-person occupancy, and are available in Brescia Hall only.

Medical Requests:  In order to make a request for a medical room, you must write a letter to the Asst. Director of Health Services outlining your housing needs based on a medical condition. You will also need to provide supporting documentation from a medical doctor to the Asst. Director of Health Services by April 1st each year. These requests will then be reviewed  and you will receive notice of the decision.
Building and room placement for approved medical spaces is based upon request and availability. Please note that the single room rate still applies to all medical singles. If you currently live in a medical single, you must renew your documentation.