CNR Student Featured as One of 10 Incredible Women Who Fought for Equal Pay

April 20, 2015
Photo courtesy of Brigid Bergin/WNYC

Cosmopolitan magazine recently named Kangela Moore, a CNR student, one of "10 Incredible Women Who Have Fought for Equal Pay." Lilly Ledbetter, Super Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Beyoncé were among the other women named on the list.

"What's the difference between a "school safety agent" and a "peace officer" at a public building? The city of New York called them "comparable" in 2001, except for the fact that most school safety agents were female. Moore, a New York City safety agent, sued after learning she was making $7,000 less than men in the same type of work, and her lawsuit eventually brought about a $38 million settlement for herself and others affected by the pay gap, and a new contract with a 33 percent raise. "What this states is that New York City school safety agents are looked at as a vital entity in our New York City public school system and that we do a vital job. Now I'm able to put food on my table. This is truly an historic victory," Moore said after the August 2014 settlement."