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CNR Offers Prayers for Hope and Healing

October 6, 2017

On Friday, October 6, members of The College of New Rochelle Community came together on Maura Lawn to offer prayers for all those affected by violence, natural disasters and trauma around the world.

Dean of Students Tiffani Blake opened the service, saying “In these times of unforeseen and unpredictable natural disasters and acts of violence, we must remain strong, engage in self-care and love one another more than ever before.  Today, we remember and pray for those who are affected by earthquakes, hurricanes and acts of violence – those who have lost their lives or are injured, have lost people they love, have lost their homes, schools, churches and jobs.”

Student Government President Dominique Prophete offered words of comfort for the afflicted and for those gathered there to pray for them. “I know that times may seem weary and the world seems dark,” she said, “But darkness is merely the absence of light, and the funny thing about light is that the smallest bits of it can wipe out darkness. So, no matter how dark the world gets, always find the smallest bit of light and serenity. Simply look for the good that exists in this world.

Photo of Prayer Vigil on Maura Lawn