Presidential Search

Message from the Chair of the Presidential Search Committee

As I have come to understand the dynamics of a search for a college president, a reality is that they start slow and then accelerate during the mid-months of the search process.  Although we are still in that start phase, much has been accomplished and this note will report on those developments:

  • The search committee is formed and functioning.  The full committee met at the end of March for several hours of discussion that was both passionate and candid.  This was an important first step to begin to build trust, communication and to make sure issues and concerns surfaced early. Everyone had something important to say about their aspirations for CNR and their hopes for the search process.  We also discussed the logistics of the search, including our timeline and scope of work.
  • The committee’s first job was to undertake a process to select a professional search firm to support the recruitment and selection process for the College’s 14th president.  There was discussion within the committee about the need for an executive search firm. The College has not done a far reaching presidential search in decades. As we address our current challenges, we need the disciplined approach and broad outreach that an executive search firm provides. The committee collaborated on the Request for Proposal and the RFP was sent to 10 firms on April 13.  Proposals were due on May 2 and we had a strong response, receiving eight proposals.
  • Since then, the committee has evaluated all proposals and selected four firms to make presentations.  Presentations begin on June 8 and we expect to select the firm by the end of June.
  • Alumnae/i College is this weekend.  Members of the search committee will meet with reunion classes to begin the conversation to get views on CNR’s leadership needs.  This is a first step in developing a broad-based needs assessment that will lead to a robust role description for our new president.
  • A reminder about our time-frame:  the search committee plans to bring a candidate to the Board of Trustees in early 2018, with an expected start date of July 1, 2018.  The busy mid-months of the search process will be this fall.

As soon as our search partner is selected, we will let the CNR Community know.

Best wishes for a wonderful summer,

Christine LaSala SAS‘72
Chair, Presidential Search Committee