Candace  Barriteau Phaire
Dr. Candace Barriteau Phaire

Assistant Professor of Education

Joseph  Biscoglio
Dr. Joseph Biscoglio

Associate Professor of Guidance and Counseling

Susan  Conte
Dr. Susan Conte

Associate Professor of Guidance and Counseling

Kenneth  Doka
Dr. Kenneth Doka

Professor of Gerontology and Multicultural Education

Timothy  Ebsworth
Dr. Timothy Ebsworth

Associate Professor of Multilingual / Multicultural Education

Teri Kwal  Gamble
Dr. Teri Kwal Gamble

Professor of Communication Studies

Estrella  Lopez
Dr. Estrella Lopez

Director, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Leadership

Marcelle  Mentor
Dr. Marcelle Mentor

Assistant Professor of Education

Marie  Ribarich
Dr. Marie Ribarich

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Counseling

Hyla  Rubin
Dr. Hyla Rubin

Associate Professor of Literacy

Patricia  St. John
Dr. Patricia St. John

Professor of Art Therapy and Art Education

Walter  Sullivan
Dr. Walter Sullivan

Associate Professor of Educational Leadership

Robert  Wolf
Robert Wolf

Professor of Art Therapy