Communication Arts

Students filming in studio.Expertise in communication is essential for a career in media. The Communication Arts Program enables students to build on their talents as they explore the role of advertising, computer graphics, broadcast and print media, film, and public relations in today's society. As communication skills are important in developing successful professionals, so is an understanding of the information technologies that have changed the delivery of programming, the way we conduct business and interact in the workplace.

Whatever their interests, students select courses through individual faculty-student conferences during advisement. These sessions are tailored to meet student needs in preparing for a media career. The Communication Arts Program prepares students to meet professional challenges in three ways:

  • Hands-on experience in courses such as video production and computer graphics. Students complete workshops in an area of choice, such as designing creative advertising or public relations campaigns, preparing radio and television programs or writing newspaper and magazine articles.
  • Direct access to communications technologies in the television studio, computer graphics and desktop publishing lab and photography studio. Small classes ensure expertise in using the technology.
  • Internships and cooperatives education offer a unique opportunity to gain experience alongside communications professionals. Interns receive college credits for bringing their talent to internship sites that include Walt Disney, MTV, CNN, NBC, Madison Avenue advertising agencies, and public relations firms.

In addition to the requirements of the School of Arts & Sciences, Communication Arts majors must complete at least 30 credits, with a maximum of 42 credits, in Communication Arts according to the following guidelines:

I. Departmental Requirements - Minimum of 12 Credits

  • CMA 200 - Introduction to Communication Arts 3 cr.
  • CMA 300 - Junior Colloquium 3 cr.
  • CMA 490 - Senior Seminar in Communication Arts 3 cr.
  • CMA 495 - Internship in Communication Arts 3 - 6 cr.

II. Specialization Requirements - 15-27 Credits

A). Advertising and Public Relations

This specialization is for students who wish to focus on the business side of Communications. It is recommended that students minor in Business. Students complete at least three of the following courses plus two Workshops.

  • CMA 210 - Advertising 3 cr.
  • CMA 213 - Public Relations 3 cr.
  • CMA 401 - Advertising Writing 3 cr.
  • CMA 403 - Advertising Strategy and Techniques 3 cr.
  • CMA 413 - Mounting Publicity Campaigns 3 cr.
  • CMA 477 - News Writing 3 cr.
  • BUS 210Z - Principles of Marketing 3 cr.
  • PSY 351 - Social Psychology 3 cr.


  • CMA 270Z - Storytelling Across the Media 3 cr.
  • CMA 428Z - Video Production Workshop 3 cr.
  • CMA 438Z - Television Studio Production 3 cr.
  • CMA 487 - Specialty Publications 3 cr.

B) Mass Media Studies: Film, Broadcasting, and Journalism

This specialization is for students who wish to study the history and theory of radio, television, journalism, and cinema. A background in media theory is combined with hands-on courses of the student's choice. Students complete at least three of the following courses plus two Workshops.

  • CMA 250 - Film 3 cr. OR CMA 225 - Broadcasting 3 cr.
  • CMA 345 - Mass Media in the Digital Era 3 cr.
  • CMA 351 - Film History I: The American Cinema 3 cr. OR CMA 352 - Film History II: International Cinemas 3 cr.
  • CMA 430 - Broadcast Journalism 3 cr.
  • CMA 453 - Film Theory and Criticism 3 cr.
  • CMA 461 - Major Filmmakers 3 cr.
  • CMA 476 - Feature Writing 3 cr.


  • CMA 270Z - Storytelling Across the Media 3 cr.
  • CMA 428Z - Video Production Workshop 3 cr.
  • CMA 438Z - Television Studio Production 3 cr.
  • CMA 479z - Non-Linear Editing 3 cr.
  • CMA 487 - Specialty Publications 3 cr.

C) Digital Media Production

This specialization is for students who wish to concentrate in media production: film, video, and computer/Internet media, emphasizing the integration of hands-on production skills in a variety of media. Students complete the four required courses and three optional courses (at minimum).

Required courses:

  • CMA 225 - Broadcasting 3 cr. OR CMA 250 - Film 3 cr.
  • CMA 270Z - Storytelling Across the Media 3 cr.
  • CMA 428Z - Video Production Workshop 3 cr.
  • ART 170 - Intro to Computer Art for Non-Majors 3 cr. OR BUS 335 - Introduction to Web Design 3 cr. (Requires BUS 105)

Optional courses:

(choose 3 or more based on specific interests)

  • CMA 430 - Broadcast Journalism 3 cr.
  • CMA 438Z - Television Studio Production 3 cr.
  • CMA 468Z - Advanced Video Production 3 cr.
  • CMA 479z - Non-Linear Editing 3 cr.
  • ART 370Z - Computer Graphics I 3 cr.
  • ART 371Z - Computer Graphics II 3 cr.

D) Computer Graphics

A specialization offered in cooperation with the Art Department. A student may complete this specialization by taking the following courses in sequence:

  • ART 103Z - Design Foundations I 3 cr.
  • ART 305Z - Introduction to Graphic Design 3 cr.
  • ARH 375 - Art Since 1945 3 cr. OR ARH 370 - Twentieth Century Art in Europe 3 cr.
  • ART 370Z - Computer Graphics I 3 cr.
  • ART 371Z - Computer Graphics II 3 cr.
  • Any two CMA electives

III. Departmental Electives

Students may select additional elective credits offered by the Department. The number of elective credits is determined by whether a Communication Arts major wishes to pursue a double major or a minor in any other department. A student may complete up to 42 Communication Arts credits if desired.

Minor - 18 Credits

To minor in Communication Arts, a student must complete six courses with a CMA prefix. These include CMA 200 - Introduction to Communication Arts, four classes selected from CMA sequence courses in any combination of areas, and one workshop course.

For course descriptions, visit the catalog.

Media professionals look for experience when hiring. As a part of the Communication Arts program, you will gain that professional experience through internships at major media organizations. Internships may be taken up to four times during sophomore, junior, and senior years.

Often, students will use their internship to either validate career aspirations or develop in a new direction. We encourage most students to do several internships during their academic career to obtain the best understanding of these industries. Students at The College of New Rochelle have undertaken internships with the following organizations:


  • ABC Television
  • Primetime Live
  • Good Morning America
  • 20/20
  • NBC Television
  • The Today Show
  • The Weekend Today Show
  • Dateline NBC
  • CBS Television
  • CBS News with Dan Rather
  • CBS This Morning
  • WABC Affiliate
  • WCBS Affiliate
  • WNBC Affiliate
  • The News with Brian Williams
  • NY1 News
  • Comedy Central
  • Court TV
  • HBO
  • MTV
  • VH1
  • Nickelodeon
  • Thirteen/WNET (Public Television)
  • The Daily Show
  • Entertainment Tonight
  • Inside Edition
  • LIVE! With Regis and Kelly
  • The View
  • Saturday Night Live
  • All My Children
  • One Life to Live


  • Mirabella
  • MODE
  • Elle
  • Jane Magazine
  • Paper Magazine
  • Black Book
  • Soap Opera Weekly
  • Harper Collins
  • McGraw Hill Companies
  • Daniel Black, Inc. Literary Agency


  • WPLJ 95.5 FM
  • Q104.3 Classic Rock
  • K-Rock Howard Stern Show
  • WBAI Public Radio
  • WCBS 101.1 FM
  • WVOX 1460 AM

Music Recording

  • Atlantic Records
  • EPIC Records
  • Columbia Records
  • SONY Music
  • Geffen Records
  • London Records
  • Mercury Records
  • MUTE Records
  • Nasty Little Man Records
  • Verve Records
  • Sandbox Automatic Records


  • Dreamworks SKG
  • New Line Cinema
  • Warner Bros.
  • Apostle Pictures
  • Deep River/Biff Pictures
  • Gost Entertainment
  • Miramax Film
  • Columbia Pictures
  • Spanky Pictures


  • Internet Advertising
  • MTV News
  • Nickelodeon Viewer Services

Public Relations and Advertising

  • J. Walter Thompson
  • Grey Advertising
  • Arnold Communication
  • Rogers & Cowan
  • The Daystar Group
  • InSite Advertising
  • Franklin Spier Advertising
  • Hammond Farrell
  • Miscellaneous
  • Calvin Klein Cosmetics
  • Salomon Smith Barney
  • Stand-Up NY
  • Price Waterhouse LLP
  • KSL Media, Inc.

Below are projects produced by students in CMA 428Z Video Production. Visit the Communication Arts YouTube channel for more videos.


Shiba Russell SAS'97

Shiba RussellShiba Russell, who graduated magna cum lauda from The College of New Rochelle and holds a master's degree from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism, is an anchor at WNBC-TV in New York.

She joined the station in February 2011 as a weekend anchor and correspondent, and ascended to the front and center in June 2012. Before that, she was co-anchor of the weekend EyeOpener and Sunday 10 a.m. newscasts at WCVB-TV in Boston, where she was also a general assignment reporter.

Previous stops include WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh, where she contributed to stories that won the prestigious Edward R. Murrow and National Headliner Awards, and News 12 The Bronx.

"I always look fondly upon my experience at CNR because of the overwhelming support I received from a host of professors and staff," Russell says. "Their support and the ability to attend an all-women's college instilled in me the spirit to fight for what I want in life no matter how big the obstacle."

Angela Cascarano SAS'01

Angela CascaranoAngela Cascarano is an Emmy-winning television news producer for Fox 5.

She won an Emmy in 2003 for her role in an investigation into a man who had performed thousands of marriages while misrepresenting himself as an ordained rabbi. The broadcast of "Fake Rabbi" prompted hundreds to contact the station, and ultimately led to the New York and New Jersey state legislatures passing bills to validate the marriages performed by Jerry Heller.

Cascarano currently produces consumer segments for "Shame, Shame, Shame," and won another Emmy in 2007 for her team's investigation into an illegal Internet car-selling scam.

She has also produced major news stories on the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, the plane crash of New York Yankee pitcher Cory Lidle, and the New York City Subway strike.

"As an all women's college, CNR really helped me concentrate on my education," Cascarano says. "Through CNR's internship contacts I was able to work in newsrooms and television stations to really understand the broadcasting industry."

Rashidah Ferguson SAS'03

Rashidah FergusonRashidah Ferguson is a senior media relations strategist for the communications agency M Booth.

She joined the American Red Cross of Greater New York as a media relations associate immediately after graduation; she coordinated events, promoted lifesaving classes, and worked with New York City media in the wake of disasters.

As an account executive at Stanton Crenshaw Communications, she won the industry's highest honor — the Big Apple Award from the Public Relations Society of America. She has also worked as a fashion publicist at Pierce Mattie Public Relations.

Ferguson is also the founder of, which offers beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content to African-American women.

"There are many departments and people within the College who helped me develop into the woman that I am today," says Ferguson. "The support and guidance at The College is unbelievable."