The High School Equivalency Preparation Course.


The High School Equivalency Preparation Course.

Program Description

The Pre-College Academic Program (PCAP) at The College of New Rochelle is specifically designed to assist students in developing the skills and knowledge crucial to success in college and the workplace. This 14-week program prepares students to pass the new, more rigorous High School Equivalency (HSE) exam allowing them to go on to pursue their college degree.

PCAP classes cover the five major domains of the TASC HSE exam: Language Arts Reading, Language Arts Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies. The theme of College and Career Exploration is woven into every subject area as well, and there are several College/Career Readiness Workshops included in the class schedule.

Classes meet three days per week for three hours per session for 14 weeks. A set schedule is provided well in advance of the start of the course.

Students admitted to the PCAP Program can attend the program free of charge.

For more information on the program, contact: Brian Sondey, Director of Adult Learner Enrollment

PCAP Course Schedule

PCAP runs two 14-week HSE prep course per year, plus two 6 week intersession math intensive per the following schedule:

  • September – December (14 weeks)
  • Mid-December – January (6 week Math & Digital literacy intersession)
  • February - June (14 weeks)
  • June (6 week Math & Digital literacy intersession)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is eligible to take the course?

Adults, 21 and older, who…

  1. Want to pass the TASC exam so that they can attend college.
  2. Meet academic intake requirements.
  3. Meet program readiness requirements.


What happened to the GED?

GED is one of three tests used nationwide to determine high school equivalency and award the high school diploma. States choose which test(s) they will adopt. In January 2014, New York State discontinued GED and began administering TASC.

What are the requirements? How am I evaluated?

There are a few steps to the admissions process. It begins with diagnostic testing. The program assistant at either location can provide all details and schedule you for a first appointment.


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Students admitted to the PCAP Program can attend the program FREE OF CHARGE. Begin your application today by calling our Brookyln or South Bronx office.


Classes are limited to 20 students to enhance learning and provide students with the personal attention they need.


70% of students who completed the course passed the TASC exam on their first try.



My experience in the PCAP program was interesting. I had excellent instructors who taught me well enough to pass the TASC exam. I have earned my HSE diploma and started college the very next semester!

C. Roberson

PCAP Student ‘14

The PCAP program at CNR was a great resource to my future. I accomplished my goal of obtaining my HSE diploma. I am now nearly finished with my Bachelor's degree!

Sade Bellamy

PCAP Student ‘14

I would like to say thank you to The College of New Rochelle for selecting me into their Pre College program. The courses were the road to my success in academic learning ; which now puts me in a position for a new and exciting career.

Terrance Burnside

PCAP Student ‘14