CNR Faculty

Karen  Andronico
Dr. Karen Andronico

Assistant Professor of Education

Michael  Anker
Dr. Michael Anker

Assistant Professor of Liberal Arts

Amy  Bass
Dr. Amy Bass

Director of the Honors Program, Professor of History

Lilleth  Beckford
Lilleth Beckford

Associate Professor, Library

Eric  Bekoe
Eric Bekoe

Assistant Professor of Liberal Arts

Aaron  Boalick
Dr. Aaron Boalick

Assistant Professor of French & Spanish

Susan  Conte
Dr. Susan Conte

Associate Professor of Guidance and Counseling

Sr. Martha  Counihan
Martha Counihan, OSU

Associate Professor, Library

Coleen  Cox
Dr. Coleen Cox Ballah

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Cristina  de Gennaro
Cristina de Gennaro

Professor of Art

Antonio  Delgado Gonzalez
Dr. Antonio Delgado

Assistant Professor of Liberal Arts

Kenneth  Doka
Dr. Kenneth Doka

Professor of Gerontology and Multicultural Education

Philip  Doku
Philip Doku

Assistant Professor of Liberal Arts

H Michael  Dreher
Dr. H Michael Dreher

Associate Vice President Healthcare Innovation & Special Projects, Professor, School of Nursing & Healthcare Professions

Timothy  Ebsworth
Dr. Timothy Ebsworth

Associate Professor of Multilingual / Multicultural Education

Anne  Ferrari
Dr. Anne Ferrari

Associate Professor of Psychology

Victor  Franklin
Victor Franklin

Assistant Professor of Liberal Arts

Teri Kwal  Gamble
Dr. Teri Kwal Gamble

Professor of Communication Studies

Debra  Geiger
Dr. Debra Geiger

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Kara  Giustino
Kara Giustino

Instructor of Nursing

Denise  Guinn
Dr. Denise Guinn

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Christopher  Hanley
Dr. Christopher Hanley

Chair of Pharmacology for Graduate & Undergraduate Programs, Clinical Assistant Professor

Melanie  Harasym
Dr. Melanie Harasym

Associate Professor of Biology

Steven  Hobbs
Steven Hobbs

Assistant Professor of Liberal Arts

Deborah  Hunt-Dolan
Dr. Deborah Hunt

Associate Professor of Nursing

Rose Marie  Hurrell
Dr. Rose Marie Hurrell

Professor of Psychology

Theodora  Ierides
Dr. Theodora Ierides

Associate Professor of Physical Education

Kimberly  Jackson
Kimberly Jackson, FNP-c

Clinical Instructor

Sheniqua  Johnson
Sheniqua Johnson

Clinical Instructor

Jillian  Kehoe
Jillian Kehoe

Assistant Professor/Access Services Librarian

Deborah  Kelly
Deborah Kelly

Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing, Faculty Coordinator, Family Nurse Practitioner Program

Susanna  Killourhy
Susanna Killourhy

Clinical Instructor, Maternity Clinical Coordinator

Isola  Kokumo
Dr. Isola Kokumo

Assistant Professor of Liberal Arts

Faith  Kostel-Hughes
Dr. Faith Kostel-Hughes

Associate Professor of Biology, Director of Environmental Studies Program

Dorothy  Larkin
Dr. Dorothy Larkin

Professor of Nursing

Estrella  Lopez
Dr. Estrella Lopez

Director of RESET Programs

Orlando  McAllister
Orlando McAllister

Assistant Professor of Liberal Arts

Daniel  McCarthy
Dr. Daniel McCarthy

Chair, Division of Social Sciences, Associate Professor of Political Science

Marcelle  Mentor
Dr. Marcelle Mentor

Assistant Professor of Education

Ali  Moghani
Dr. Ali Moghani

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Patricio  Mujica
Dr. Patricio Mujica

Assistant Professor of Biology

Margie  Neuhaus
Margie Neuhaus

Professor of Art

Nahed Nadia  Noureddine
Dr. Nahed Nadia Noureddine

Assistant Professor of French and Spanish

Dominic  Novelli
Dr. Dominic Novelli

Assistant Professor of Public Administration

Bright  Nsowaa
Bright Nsowaa

Assistant Professor of Liberal Arts

Johnnie  O'Neal
Dr. Johnnie O'Neal

Assistant Professor of Social Work

Nelson  Ong
Dr. Nelson Ong

Associate Professor of Political Science

Stephen  ORourke
Dr. Stephen O'Rourke

Associate Professor of Psychology

Yvette  Page
Yvette Page

Associate Professor, Library

Lynn  Petrullo
Dr. Lynn Petrullo

Professor of Biology

Layla  Qaabidh
Layla Qaabidh

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Michael  Quinn
Dr. Michael Quinn

Associate Professor of Communication Arts

Scot  Rademaker
Dr. Scot Rademaker

Division Chair of Undergraduate and Graduate Education; Assistant Professor of Education

Roblyn  Rawlins
Dr. Roblyn Rawlins

Professor of Sociology

Kathleen  Reilly
Kathleen Reilly

Clinical Instructor

Marie  Ribarich
Dr. Marie Ribarich

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Counseling

Arlene  Rosen
Dr. Arlene Rosen

Associate Professor of Nursing

Hyla  Rubin
Dr. Hyla Rubin

Associate Professor of Literacy

Sherrye  Samuels
Sherrye Samuels

Clinical Instructor

David  Schreff
David Schreff

Assistant Professor of Business

Jennifer  Scuro
Dr. Jennifer Scuro

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Nereida  Segura
Dr. Nereida Segura-Rico

Associate Professor of Spanish

Linda  Shand
Dr. Lynda Shand

Associate Professor of Nursing

Steven  Shaw
Steven Shaw

Assistant Professor of Composition/Director of Writing Center

Nick  Smart
Dr. Nick Smart

Professor of English

Daniel  Smith
Daniel Smith

Critchlow Endowed Chair in English

Patricia  St. John
Dr. Patricia St. John

Professor of Art Therapy and Art Education

Emily  Stern
Emily Stern

Professor of Art

Sabratha  Thomas
Sabratha Thomas

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Paulette  Thompson
Paulette Thompson

Instructor of Nursing

Paul  Tyrl
Paul Tyrl

Assistant Professor of Liberal Arts

Adrienne  Wald
Dr. Adrienne Wald

Assistant Professor, Nursing

Lee  Warren
Dr. Lee Warren

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Susan  Wilson
Susan Wilson

Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing

Robert  Wolf
Dr. Robert Wolf

Professor of Art Therapy

Roxanne  Zimmer
Dr. Roxanne Zimmer

Associate Professor of Communication Arts