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Student Spotlight: Kevin Bracey

November 15, 2018

Kevin Bracey is a busy man. He manages the Environmental Services team at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, is a partner and chief of marketing for the new PLUSH Vodka brand, and he gives back to his community through his work with numerous organizations, including the Harlem Chamber of Commerce and The One Hundred Black Men, Inc. Yet despite all of those responsibilities, he is also focused on earning his bachelor’s degree in psychology from CNR’s School of New Resources.

Bracey, who is expected to finish his bachelor’s in 2019, has taken most of his classes at the Rosa Parks Campus. “I love everything about The College of New Rochelle. I really enjoy the classroom atmosphere,” said Bracey. “I also enjoy being able to share my knowledge with students and the teachers. It’s a great relationship that way. I particularly enjoy being a student of CNR because of the options you have available as an adult learner. I can work full time and take classes. And I think a lot of adult learners need these options.”

As far back as his teenage years, Bracey has been involved in community service and helping those in need. His hope is to be able to use his degree to help families like those he encounters at Memorial Sloan Kettering. “Sometimes, we see families and patients who are going through incredibly tough times and I think it would be wonderful to use my degree to help console these families, show empathy for their situation, help them cope, and find confidence and strength,” Bracey said.

While not in the classroom, Bracey also serves as the president of the Epsilon Sigma chapter of Phi Beta Sigma, one of the largest historically black fraternities. “I like to encourage college students, and even those in graduate levels to join fraternities and sororities because it allows them to build relationships which can then turn into networking opportunities later on,” he said.

Although Bracey still has more work to do to earn his bachelor’s, he is already considering a graduate degree in psychology. “I want to continue my education because I want to continue to help people and my community.”

He also added that earning his degree would be a personal point of pride. “I have a son at SUNY Purchase and my wife has her degree, so I didn’t want to be the only one in the family without a degree on our wall. Plus, it has turned into a fun battle between my son and me. We like to compete for test scores and grades. We go back and forth but it’s a pretty tight race.”