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CNR’s Kevin Cavanagh Discusses College’s Future on WVOX Radio

January 27, 2017

Dr. Amy Bass, professor of history and director of the Honors Program at The College of New Rochelle, recently interviewed Kevin Cavanagh, the College’s executive vice president of strategy and planning, on her WVOX radio show, “Conversations with Amy Bass.” The two discussed CNR as a resource for the community, its impact on students’ upward mobility, and the positive outlook for the College’s future.

Bass observed that CNR had been on a “tumultuous ride that seems to be stabilizing,” which cued Cavanagh’s overview of the steps the College has taken to correct course, including administrative changes, operational cuts, tightening of budgets, and fundraising.

 “We’re really thankful for the efforts of everybody, from the Board to our alumni to our elected officials,” he said. “We’re very happy with the College’s prospects for the future at this point.”

Cavanagh discussed his new role at CNR, which includes overseeing the athletic program as well as enrollment management. “As we get into this new cycle, we need to get back to doing the basics of running the College and getting out of crisis mode and back into executing some of our strategic plan,” he said. “All of those things we had been working on become more critical...We can’t stay still.”

Bass and Cavanagh also reviewed the role CNR plays in the New Rochelle community, the impact of Governor Cuomo’s proposal to offer free tuition to CUNY and SUNY schools, and admissions prospects.

“Despite the angst that the Board had, and the administrators had, and finance folks had, we still served the students successfully as a community and they had a great experience,” Cavanagh said. “If the applications for next year speak at all to how positively students are speaking about their experience right now, we have a lot to look forward to.”

One caller from the community said that he earned a master’s in education from the College almost 40 years ago. “I’m a New Rochellian and a lot of people I’ve talked to are very happy with the fact that the College is still a vibrant and forward-looking asset in our community,” he said. “I wanted to call and thank you for the education I got and for the continued presence in our community.”


Listen to the Interview:

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