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Freshmen Highlight Seminar Projects

December 20, 2017

Freshmen students had the opportunity to highlight their projects on a wide range of topics during the Freshman Seminar Showcase held on December 13 in Maura Ballroom. Students were selected by their peers to represent the six freshman seminars, Theories of Play, Children’s Experience in Healthcare, Citizenship, Politics & Rhetoric, Health Advocacy & Communication, Understanding Happiness, and Leaning In: Gender and Leadership.

Freshmen Perla Ruiz, Angela Hernandez, and Alexa Mayorquin created the game “Finish the Lyrics” for teens and college students aimed at increasing in-person social engagement and decreasing screen time, while Shaemalie Franck redesigned the girl’s game “Mystery Date” into “Mystery Career.”

Childhood Diabetes & Obesity was the focus of an informative presentation by freshmen Haylee Stuart, Tiyanna Mullgrav, and Stefonnie Lao, who said they were inspired to focus on the topic because of the many people they know who struggle with Diabetes.

The debate over whether “designer babies” should be legal was the topic of a presentation from students in the Citizenship, Politics & Rhetoric seminar. Daniela Valencia and Stephanie Rodriguez presented the pros, such as reducing diseases, while Jacqueline Tambito and Jissel Figueroa presented the cons, including reducing diversity.

As part of their presentation on happiness factors and how to reduce depression in teens and the elderly, Kayla Torres and Heber Maldonado offered a variety of strategies to combat depression, including the use of therapy dogs and bringing children to nursing homes to engage with the residents. “We found that being made to feel wanted and needed did a lot to cut down on depression in both groups,” said Torres.

The wide variety of topics and presentations at the showcase also included managing work and family, standardized testing in New York State schools, anxiety disorder, sexual harassment in the workplace, nutrition and advocacy for at risk youth, “Eco-Toyz” (bio degradable toys in packaging that serves as mini compost), an anti-bias game, and a matching/sorting game for visually impaired toddlers.