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CNR Students Inspire Interest in STEM at Local Event

March 23, 2018

On March 16, five students from the College’s School of Arts & Sciences, led by Dr. Michael Gilliam, assistant professor of Mathematics, took part in the 2018 STEM-tastic event, hosted by the STEM Alliance of Larchmont/Mamaroneck at Hommocks Middle School in Larchmont. 
Under the direction of Diana Vasquez’18, Amauri Borrero‘19, Jhosalie Danseco‘20, Revekka Halilova‘19, and Maty Sembene‘19 hosted three STEM challenges: a ruler-drop activity to compare reflex times, a game against a behavior-learning Internet Bot to compare random (binary) choices, and a time-based challenge of the card game SET. Challenge participants included school children, grades K-8th.

“This experience was inspiring and motivated me to continue pursuing my Chemistry major. Seeing how fascinated students were reminded me of myself when I was their age and how mysterious yet beautiful science seemed,” said Revekka Halilova.

Classmate Jhosalie Danesco agrees. “This was a great experience for young students to be introduced to science and math in ways they regularly aren't exposed to in class. I enjoyed seeing younger children wanting to think and learn outside of a classroom setting, especially for a challenging game or sequence of events. It helped me learn the importance of inspiring and reaching out to children at a young age. Hopefully one or more children found something to spark an interest in the many diverse STEM fields."

This is the second year that Dr. Gilliam, who was voted an Outstanding Educator of the Year by Education Update in 2017, has brought CNR students to participate in the STEM Alliance event