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Aaliyah Fields Becomes First CNR Student to Attend NCAA Career in Sports Forum

September 12, 2018

Senior basketball player Aaliyah Fields had the unique opportunity this summer to attend the 2018 NCAA Career in Sports Forum in Indianapolis, Indiana, the first CNR athlete in program history to do so. The purpose of the conference is to expose NCAA athletes to career opportunities within the athletic world.

Though she admits to being nervous at first, that nervousness quickly vanished when she began to have meaningful interactions with other athletes at the conference. "Everyone at the forum was so personable and welcoming. I thought it would be hard to start up conversations, but I was naive in that sense. We as student-athletes have a lot in common, it just takes talking to each other to understand that."

The topics discussed at the conference ranged from the future of athletics to effectively and correctly adding sports backgrounds to athlete's resumes to mental health in athletics.

Attending the conference was an overwhelming and mind opening experience for Aaliyah, who has been captain of the women’s basketball team at CNR for the last two years. "I gained so much knowledge from attending the conference. We had speakers during the forum that reiterated the importance of being authentic and staying true to your values." In addition to networking, Aaliyah also got the chance to build new meaningful relationships with fellow athletes.

Returning for her senior year at CNR, Aaliyah will have the opportunity to use her newfound knowledge for the benefit of her fellow CNR athletes and classmates through her role this year as president of the Student Government Association.

“I chose CNR because of the tight knit community of students that I grew to know and love,” she says. “I’ve developed so many relationships on campus that I know will carry over into my adult life. Choosing to continue my education at CNR has helped mold me into the person I wish to become.”