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Club 2022 Event Demonstrates Dangers of Underage Drinking to Freshman Students

September 13, 2018

CNR students had the opportunity to learn more about the consequences of underage drinking and irresponsible alcohol and drug use during Club 2022, a special event sponsored by Student Services on September 12. 

“This event continues our tradition of preventive drug/alcohol abuse education for our students, particularly our freshmen students, with the goal of making them more aware of unsafe situations,” says Tiffani Blake, dean of students.

Club 2022 featured a simulated party to illustrate examples of circumstances that could take place when students attend parties off campus. Throughout the evening, CNR staff and student leaders took on simulated roles, including bartenders, partying students who encouraged others to drink, and sick students who might have consumed too much alcohol.

To simulate alcohol, mocktails, consisting of virgin strawberry daiquiris, virgin pina coladas and sparkling grape, peach and apple cider, were used, while candy was used to simulate drugs. 

“The freshman students were very savvy initially and did not take the candy and the offers to get ‘drinks,’ but ultimately understood what we were simulating and began to engage,” says Blake. “I was proud to see them saying ‘no’, not taking pictures with drinks in their hand, and watching out for one another under the peer pressure to drink and take drugs. The conversation during the recap showed that the students were aware of the educational aspect of the program and appreciative.”

“I thought the event was a lot of fun and also a great way for us to learn to be cautious in our decision making, particularly in relation to underage drinking,” said freshman Joseph Dennis.