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CNR Named First WCSI Academic Affiliate of Watson Caring Science Institute

December 13, 2018
Faculty of the School of Nursing & Healthcare Professions with Dr. Jean Watson at the 40th Anniversary Celebration of the School in May 2018

On Tuesday, December 11, The College of New Rochelle became the first academic institution in the country to be recognized by the Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI) as a National Watson Caring Science Academic Affiliate™. This prestigious honor recognizes CNR’s exemplary integration of caring science theory and leadership commitment into the curriculum offered to students in the School of Nursing & Healthcare Professions.

“It’s a supreme privilege to have received this recognition,” said Dr. Debra Simons, Dean of the School of Nursing & Healthcare Professions. “WCSI – National Caring Science Systems are identified as the pioneering, leadership organizations, creating and demonstrating new authentic visons of caring science scholarship, practice, and research. Since the founding of the School of Nursing & Healthcare Professions in 1976, the holistic caring model has been an integral part of our curriculum, pedagogies and clinical practices, resulting in an educational program that promotes healing based on empathy, altruism and exceptionally high professional standards. By fully integrating the WCSI ethos of Caring Science throughout our program, we are committed to providing an outstanding learning environment for students, staff, and community.”

Dr. Jean Watson, Founder and Director of WCSI said: “CNR is the oldest academic institution with such leadership, success, history, and standards with its holistic caring curriculum. For the future of nursing education, we need to have leadership schools such as CNR held up as national exemplars for nursing education now and in the future.”

To become a National Caring Science System Affiliate™, The College of New Rochelle demonstrated to WCSI tSNHP Faculty with studentshe authentic, deep-rooted and sustainable commitment to integrating Caring Science to transform and broaden whole person health and healing in its curriculum and culture. CNR joins 13 other National WCSI Affiliate Hospital Systems and eight Global WCSI Associate Systems that have achieved such recognition.

The Watson Caring Science Institute is an international non-profit organization that advances the philosophies, theories and practices of Human Caring/Caring Science. Focusing on research, education, praxis and legacy, the institute aims to widen the development and understanding of Caring Science to inform the notion of quality care and healing environments.

“Recognized and celebrated as ‘CNR Nurses,’ our graduates are leaders in the field who are distinguished by the depth and breadth of their knowledge, skill, and compassion,” said Simons.  “CNR nurses do more than make us proud; they sustain and improve the lives of patients by bringing healing to body, mind, and spirit.”