Vision Statement

The College of New Rochelle has a recognizable brand and a strong reputation known for its robust academic programs which integrate the liberal arts with effective career preparation led by an accomplished body of faculty, expert in their disciplines and committed to excellence in teaching.

Our sense of unity is experienced and expressed throughout the institution.  The community feels a strong sense of pride for the College and contributes authentically to fulfilling our Mission.  Collaboration across institutional boundaries is prized, and shared governance is a meaningful and valued part of our culture.

Financial strength has been achieved through steady and strategic enrollment growth and diversified revenue streams.  Resources are allocated in alignment with the strategic plan.  Campuses are well maintained and resourced consistent with our priorities of academic excellence and student-centeredness.

An effective infrastructure supports technological integration and innovation throughout our campuses, our classrooms, and curricula.

We have strengthened existing academic programs and created new and exciting offerings that respond to the changing needs of students and complexities of our world.

Our students are engaged and empowered.

As graduates, they place their individual talents and knowledge in service to society. They seek to make a difference in the lives of others, and are proud, engaged and supportive of their alma mater.

We are proud of who we are and remain firmly committed to the Ursuline tradition and values which enabled us to make the courageous decisions necessary to strengthen our institution.