Literacy Education Birth-Grade 6

This program enables our students to:

  • Make instructional decisions based on their theoretical understanding of the reading and writing processes. The program leads our students to espouse a clear and conscious theory of the nature of these processes after examining all the current theories.
  • Acquire a repertoire of techniques to use in literacy assessment and instruction. Our program exposes students to a variety of techniques and provides opportunities for them to practice and evaluate these methods as to their usefulness with various populations.
  • Associate Professor Katheryn Hathaway working with children.Become reflective practitioners who are constantly striving to grow as professionals by considering the value and effectiveness of their interactions with children. Students are routinely asked why they chose a particular course of action in designing and implementing lessons. They are also required to critique their own performance and suggest ways in which it might be improved.
  • Function effectively as outstanding classroom teachers and literacy specialists. We model leadership in professional activities that are essential for the improvement of literacy instruction. We also encourage our students to assume leadership positions, moving beyond their own classrooms to join with other teachers, administrators, parents and members of the community in working toward this goal.

Required Courses - 36 credits

  • LIT 501 - Introduction to Literacy Instruction, 3 cr.
  • LIT 502 - Teaching Reading Comprehension, 3 cr.
  • LIT 503 - Using Literature in the Classroom, 3 cr.
  • LIT 511 - Teaching Writing in the Elementary Grades, 3 cr.
  • LIT 601 - Early Language and Literacy Instruction, 3 cr.
  • LIT 611 - Assessing Literacy Behavior, 3 cr.
  • LIT 612 - Teaching Remedial Students, 3 cr. (or LIT 613)
  • LIT 613 - Teaching Young Remedial Students, 3 cr.
  • LIT 701 - Practicum in Literacy Assessment, 3 cr.
  • LIT 702 - Practicum in Remedial Instruction, 3 cr.
  • LIT 750 - Research in Literacy Education, 3 cr.
  • Two Elective Courses, 6 cr.