4+1: Accelerated M.S. in School Psychology

The accelerated program permits qualified psychology majors to earn a Master’s degree in School Psychology within five years.  The M.S. in School Psychology prepares you to become a leader and advocate for children within the school system.  Successful completion of the program leads to New York State Certification, which enables you to work as a psychologist in a variety of school settings.

Criteria for Admission

1. The general requirements for the School of Arts and Sciences and the core requirements in Psychology should be completed during the first three undergraduate years.
2. A GPA of at least 3.0 is required for admission.
3. Students must take the following four undergraduate courses before taking graduate courses:

PSY110 General Psychology
PSY140 Child Psychology
PSY224 Psychological Theories of Learning and Motivation
PSY242 Adolescent Psychology

B.A./M.S. Program Schedule

Students who successfully complete the accelerated program will receive both the B.A. degree in Psychology and a M.S. degree in School Psychology.  The M.S. degree can be accomplished in five years if the student completes 24 graduate credits in her senior year, 15 graduate credits in the summer following the senior year, and 21 graduate credits in the fifth year.

Graduate courses that will be accepted toward the undergraduate major are the following:

PSY 501 Introduction to School Psychology
CSC 584 Introduction to Theories of Counseling
PSY 571 Human Growth and Development
PSY 615 Psychopathology


Accelerated M.S. Program Schedule

Term: FALL of Senior Year
PSY 501                Introduction to School Psychology                                            3
GSC 571               Human Growth and Development                                              3
GSC 584               Intro to Theories of Counseling                                                 3
PSY 615                Psychopathology                                                                         3

Term: Spring of Senior year
PSY 600                Individual IQ Testing                                                                    3
PSY 602               Assessment of Personality & Emotional Development             3
PSY 581                Interviewing and Counseling                                                        3
PSY 621                Behavior Strategies in the Classroom                                         3

Term: Summer 1
GSC 619               Group Counseling                                                                         3
GSC 784               Ethics in Counseling                                                                     3

Term: Summer 2
PSY 649                Consultation and Collaboration                                                  3
PSY 660                Practicum in School Psychology                                                 3

Term: Summer 3                                                                                                  Credits
PSY603                 Academic Assessment and Intervention                                   3

Term: Fall
PSY 790                Internship 1                                                                                    3
PSY 588                Family Process and Therapy 1                                                     3
SED 579                Learning and Behavior Disorders                                               3
PSY 690                Psychodiagnostics and Reporting                                              3

Term: Spring
PSY 791                Internship II                                                                                   3
GSC 505              Research Methods                                                                       3
Elective                                                                                                                       3