4+1: Communication Management and Media

This program is designed for The College of New Rochelle students who in their junior year of the undergraduate program elect to begin graduate course work towards the M.S. degree in Communication Management and Media. The M.S. in Communication Management and Media prepares you to work in any organization, profit and non-profit, that depends upon communication for success.  The digital age presents new challenges for communicators of all segments of society. Focusing on the core facets of communication that for-profit and nonprofit organizations depend upon, our M.S. in Communication Management and Media readies you to assume leadership roles in and solve the communication problems of organizations in both the private and public sectors. Through a curriculum that emphasizes problem-based learning and blends theory and practice, you’ll develop the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary for mastering 21st-century strategy and leading communication-centric organizations.

Criteria for Admission

  1. Students can apply to take graduate courses once they have successfully completed at least 45 undergraduate credits and if approved can register for graduate classes after they successfully complete 60 undergraduate credits.  
  2. Students may enter the M.S. in Communication Management & Media program from any major in the School of Arts & Sciences, School of Nursing, or School of New Resources with the permission of their undergraduate advisor and graduate department chair.

Course Schedule

Students who complete the program receive both the BA or BS degree in their chosen major and upon completion of their remaining CMA courses an MS in Communication Management and Media.  The full MS degree program can be completed in one year after the completion of the bachelor’s degree if the student enters the fifth year having completed 12 Communication Management and Media graduate credits as an undergraduate student, and subsequently completes 9 credits during the fall, 9 credits during the spring and 6 credits during the summer of the students fifth year of enrollment.

Undergraduate students will follow the program checklist for their chosen major with the following changes in their 3rd- 5th years:

  • Students may take 12 graduate-level courses, with at least 6 credits (2 graduate courses) selected from the Communication Management and Media program’s required courses. The remaining 6 credits (2 graduate courses) may be chosen from either other required courses or the program’s elective courses in consultation with the student’s advisor and graduate program’s chair.
  • Upon satisfactorily completing all course requirements for their undergraduate degree, students who apply and are admitted to the Graduate School may take the remaining 24 credits of required and elective courses in the MS in Communication Management and Media program for a total of 36 credits.