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Mariano Rivera Awards Scholarship to CNR Freshman

September 19, 2017
From left: Dorothy Escribano, CNR Interim President; Mariano and Clara Rivera Scholarship recipient Camila Barrientos; Mariano Rivera; Gwen Adolph, Chair, CNR Board of Trustees; and New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson.

The College welcomed Yankees legend and humanitarian Mariano Rivera to campus on Monday, September 18, to present, with CNR Interim President Dorothy Escribano, the Mariano & Clara Rivera Scholarship to freshman Camila Barrientos. Bestowed on students who have achieved academic excellence while being actively involved in their communities, the Mariano and Clara Rivera Scholarship, which was first created in 2014, is a four-year scholarship that covers tuition, as well as room and board for its recipients. Camila is the fifth student to be awarded the scholarship.

“Camila is a remarkable student and we are pleased to present her with the 2017 Mariano and Clara Rivera Scholarship. She is very deserving of this award and is a shining example of an exemplary student among her peers,” said Dorothy Escribano.

“We congratulate her on the wonderful achievements she has attained thus far and look forward to her continued achievements here at The College of New Rochelle.”

Mariano Rivera added, “My wife Clara and I are happy when we are able to help those less fortunate who have tremendous abilities, like Camila. Camila has taken an important step, and I believe that she will do whatever it takes to make us, her family and community proud. We believe in her, and we believe in the people here at The College of New Rochelle who have been through challenges to make the College stronger than ever.”

Born in El Salvador, Barrientos came to the Bronx with her mother and older sister in 2000. During high school, she participated in the school’s drum club, theatre, the choir, and student council. She also attended Ignatian Family Teaching for Justice in Washington D.C. to meet with representatives of government. She is currently enrolled in the College’s School of Arts & Sciences with an undeclared major, but is strongly considering studying Biology with hopes to one day become a licensed OB-GYN.

"The College of New Rochelle was one of my top college choices and when I heard that I received the scholarship, I was almost in tears!” Barrientos said. “Higher education is very important to my family and I have dreamed about going to college since I was a child.  Mariano Rivera made my dream possible and I am very grateful. The family atmosphere at CNR has made a big difference to me as I begin college.  It will help me pursue my dream of becoming an OB-GYN."

New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson was on hand to offer his own congratulations. “We are grateful to the Riveras for their continued generosity in New Rochelle, and wish Camila well as she begins her studies. We are sure you are going to make all of us proud. You’ve been given an extraordinary opportunity that recognizes you are a person of tremendous ability and strength of character with the capacity to make the most of that opportunity. “

Mayor Bramson also commended Mariano Rivera for his loyalty to CNR. “Every team goes through its ups and downs. You may lead one season and trail the next. Every player, even a hall of famer, can have a hot streak and a slump. But when you’re a fan, a true fan, you stick with your team and you stick with your player through thick and thin because you recognize that they represent something important… they represent moments in your lives that you will treasure and remember forever. And so it is no secret that CNR has gone through a rough patch. But we believe in this institution. Mariano believes in this institution. And we know what it means to New Rochelle and the entire metropolitan area. And we know it is and will continue to come back even stronger, and we look forward to building on that strength going forward.”


Mariano Rivera Scholarship 2017