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Dr. Michael Anker Opens Fall Lecture Series at Rosa Parks Campus

October 9, 2018

On October 1, the College’s Rosa Parks Campus hosted “Changing One’s Life – A Philosophical Discussion on Transformation,” featuring Dr. Michael Anker, assistant professor of liberal arts. Attended by students and School of New Resources alumni, the discussion centered around Anker’s findings on the philosophy of change and transformation that surfaced during the writing of his book The Ethics of Uncertainty. Working through existential themes, he discussed the possibility of changing one’s life through a philosophical, phenomenological and poetic relation to self, others and the world.

“Changing One’s Life” is just one in a series of academic, cultural and social events featuring CNR faculty and guest speakers to be held at the newly expanded Rosa Parks Campus in Harlem this fall. Campus Director Dr. Andy Baker’s goal is to share unique voices, talents and knowledge in a way that honors the vibrancy and uniqueness of Harlem, the campus’ home for more than 30 years.

With that in mind, he challenged full-time faculty members to identify a piece of knowledge, topic or idea that stems from their own academic practice, but one that perhaps doesn’t conform to a course syllabus. “In other words, what would you share if you were free to improvise around a theme and then given a stage on which to do so,” said Baker, adding that “it took Michael Anker all of five seconds to scratch his chin and start sketching out the basics of his talk.”

Future campus events include “Harlem and the Roots of Jazz,” “The Noir Fiction of Jill Dearman,” “Reading a Difficult Book: The Trials and Pleasures of Challenging Fiction,” and “No really, why Modern Art?”