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Rosa Parks Campus Alumni Recognized

January 11, 2019
Rosa Parks Campus Alum of the Month recipients (from left); Rodney Beckford, Tameka Silva, Crystal McKay, and TaShana Pace

Alumni of the Rosa Parks Campus are receiving much deserved recognition as part of the new Alum of the Month program started at the Campus this past fall.

“I started this program to recognize alumni for their accomplishments and for giving back (paying it forward) in a variety of ways for our current students,” says Errol Bedford, Director of Student Success at the Rosa Parks Campus. “Highlighting the success of our alumni also provides role models to encourage them to remain committed to their studies." 

September Winner: Deacon Rodney Beckford SNR’18 -- As Director of Catholic Charities Kennedy Center in Harlem, Rodney actively promotes CNR and the new Rosa Parks Campus to his many contacts throughout the Harlem community. He was also a key facilitator in SNR students' participation in the 49th annual African American Day parade and single-handedly made it possible for CNR students to ride on the Catholic Charities parade float.

October Winner: Tameka Silva SNR’13 – The owner of "Heaven's Tiny Tots" Daycare Center in Harlem, Tameka has in her employ five SNR graduates from the Rosa Parks Campus and has encouraged several of her clients to enroll as students at the Campus.

November Winner: Crystal McKay SNR’08 – The head librarian of the East 125th Street Branch of the NY Public Library, Crystal comes to campus twice a month to provide Rosa Parks students with the opportunity to receive new library cards and to have outstanding bills for book loans rescinded. She is also is working to have her branch donate books to the Campus and takes the time to give motivational speeches to the members of the student union.

December Winner: TaShana Pace SNR’10, GS’13 -- The founder and CEO of Miss Black American Princess, Inc. Etiquette and Scholarship Program for young ladies 13-17 years of age, TaShana regularly attends events on campus and was a guest speaker at the "Divine Nine" sororities information session at the Campus in November. She is a member of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.

Errol Bedford, who has been assisted in his efforts by Campus Director Andy Baker and Tamatha Sibert, Coordinator of Retention, plans to replicate the program at the Co-op City Campus during the upcoming spring semester.