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CNR’s Spring 2019 Juried Art Exhibit Showcases Artist’s “Personal Best” Pieces

February 11, 2019

The College of New Rochelle’s Mooney Center Art Gallery is currently holding the Annual Juried Art Exhibit, which is sponsored by the Graduate Division of Professional & Fine Arts. The theme for this year’s exhibit is “Personal Best.”

For the exhibit, area artists, including six CNR Alums, were asked to submit the piece or pieces they consider as the best from their own perspective. According to Dr. Patricia St. John, Division Chair, “Artists often have one or more artworks they consider to be their best works. These are not always the same as works that have been cited as ’the best’ by critics and/or the public, but often have a profound significance to the artist.” Sax by CNR Alum Patrcia Grego

CNR alumna Patricia Grego GS’13, who submitted an oil painting titled Sax, selected this particular piece because of her deep appreciation for music and its role in other aspects of her life. “I am not a musician, but I use colors and textures that are inspired by music,” she said. “My paintings are an attempt to capture the rhythms and passion of music visually. Now that I am working with Autistic children, I appreciate sounds, textures, and visual representations in a more profound way. My students are sensitive to these elements and communicate with them.”

The exhibit will run until Saturday, March 2. Visitors to the gallery are asked to vote on which piece they like best.